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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sundays Level One class at noon ~ Starseed Yoga in Montclair

8-22-10  Devotion, Consistency, Love 

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.14 Sah tu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara asevitah dridhabhumih
Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break, and with enthusiasm.
-practice becomes firmly grounded = practice that is meaningful, inspired and focused, it is a time of growing acquaintance with our True Identity, of spiritual discovery and nurturance, and time of integration and increasing wholeness. Devotion.
-long time, without break = spiritual endeavors require persistence, must be regular to see progress. Consistency.
-with enthusaism = to have faith and love for the practices and what they will bring. Love.

"However, no effort in yoga is wasted.  Every mantra repeated, every asana, each occasion of dedicated service to others, every prayer, act of worship, or bit of sacred knowledge learned adds to the momentum and depth of practice." -Guruji Rev. Jaganath Carrera

Begin with breath awareness, sitting with a straight long spine, head floating above tailbone.  Find the breath, where does it move in the body?  Feel that it is cool as you inhale, and warm as you exhale.  Inhale and exhale evenly for several rounds.  Then, inhale for four counts, hold retain four counts, exhale to the count of eight.  Repeat three rounds and then resume normal breathing.  The breath is the connection between the physical and spiritual bodies.  You can always come back to your breath.  3 OM's.
Warm up - Simple seated twist, then Prep for shoulderstand, so lots of shoulder work.  Baddhangulyasana, Gomukasana, shoulder claps, then hold the belt about shoulder width apart-"rip the belt"- inhale raise the belt-exhale lower, table/cat/cow.
Body - Adho mukha svanasana > plank 3x moving with breath, inhale forward to plank, exhale downdog.  Balasana.  Adho mukha svanasana >Lunge > Virabhadrasana I > Parsvottonasana, both sides holding each pose for three breaths.  Balasana.  Virabhadrasana II > Trikonasana > Vira II.  Balasana. Surya Namasakar - Sun Saluations prep for global mala* (to be held on 9-19-10 in Newark - global mala is a yoga celebration where over 30 studios from NJ gather in a school in Newark for 72 sun saluations along with other poses).  This week we did four rounds. [Tadasana >swan dive arms upward to urdhva hastasana, palms meet, slight backbend>bow down through the center to Uttanasana > Ardha Uttanasana > Adho mukha svanasana > Plank > Chataranga Dandasana/Ashtangasana yogi choice > Bhujangasana > Adho mukha svanasana > Uttanasana > Urdhva hastasana > End at heart center in Namasakar]  Each week we will add two more rounds until class on 9-19-10 where the goal will be ten!
Balasana for nine breaths.  Dandasana.  Paschimottanasana.  Janu Sirsasana.  Salabhasana prep and pose.  Dhanurasana prep and pose.  Pelvic tilts.  Setubhanda Sarvangasana.  Salamba Sarvangasana or legs up the wall for non-inverters.  Halasana.
Cool down -  Paschimottanasana.  Hip cradle and circles.  Baddha Konasana. 
Savasana.  Yoga Nidra where attention is brought to each part of the body.  Where we direct our attention, energy follows.  Relax.  Sink into the earth.

"Yoga is a science.  If you practice diligently, you'll get the results.  There is no doubt about it.  We develop into better people, seeking within ourselves to find the place where devotion lives, where consistency is the natural state, and where the roots of love are hidden.  We can replace "practice for a long time, without break and with enthusaism" with devotion, consistency, and love.  These qualities will serve us well in any endeavor."  Guruji Rev Jaganath Carrera  Inside the Yoga Sutras p.42


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